Youth Development Tournaments

ydt small2tournaments (ages 5-19)

Beyond the Ball regularly runs basketball leagues and tournaments at multiple locations in our target areas. Typically, these tournaments build on the relationships created during open gym times.

league play

Beyond the Ball has a preferred approach to league play that allows participants to have greater levels of commitment and ownership. The participants not only play; they select their teams in a draft. Captains quickly learn that choosing the best team does not necessarily mean choosing solely the players with the most talent. The more experienced captains have learned to draft based on the skills and personalities they need to create a successful team that will work together to win.

League typically run over the course of two-three months, with a regular season schedule that involves each team playing each other multiple times. Teams are then seeded according to the standings, and a tournament is played to determine the league champion.

day tournaments

Beyond the Ball also occasionally runs one day tournaments, usually as part of a larger event. Typically, an event like this involves teams who create their roster and register ahead of time, and Beyond the Ball facilitates the tournament on the day of the event. Often times, these take the form of a 3-on-3 tournament with round-robin play to determine seeding, followed by a playoff to determine a champion.