press coverage of Beyond the Ball

Beyond the Ball has been featured in multiple forums of print and online media.

Little Village couple stand tall against gang-bangers – Chicago Sun Times

by Mark Konkol- 4.02.11

The Chicago Sun-Times looks at how the threats made on Rob and Amy CastaƱeda’s life led them to create Beyond the Ball, and how one of the gang-members who burned their house has now come full circle, with his own daughter enrolled in Beyond the Ball programming.

Beyond the Ball featured in international news – CNN

CNN International Edition – 9.28.10

CNN visited our Bitty Ball program, and reports on the impact Beyond the Ball is having in the community:

Beyond the Ball goes to Washington to address Congress – Up 2 Us

Press Release – 9.22.10

Beyond the Ball was invited to Washington D.C. to address Congress in September. Our very own Bitty Ball leader, ten year-old Miguel Leonardo, stood up and let Congress know just how much impact Beyond the Ball has had on his life. Miguel went through our Bitty Ball program as a participant and now serves as a coach. Miguel’s growth inspires us to continue our work; hopefully, he inspires Congress as well.

Community organizers use old school street ball for neighborhood change – Chicago Journal

by Greg Skinner – 8.25.10

The Chicago Journal looks at the impact of B-Ball on the Block and the Citywide finals co-facilitated by Beyond the Ball in August, 2010. In this piece, Executive Director Rob CastaƱeda explains why these sorts of activities have value to more than just the kids participating, but to the neighborhood as a whole: “When kids with or without families participate in a positive activity in a specific place they take more responsibility of the court area and surrounding space.”

The Impact of Bitty Ball – Univision Chicago

Newscast – February, 2010

Here are a few links to articles that describe what we do:

Chicago youth sports program more than fun and games – Chicago Tribune

by Rebecca Sherman – 11.17.08

The Chicago Tribune outlines the success of Spring into Sports, an activity created as a partnership between Beyond the Ball and LISC/Chicago as part of their Neighborhood Sports Chicago Program. Spring Break for CPS students was filled with activities and tournaments in traditional sports, such as basketball and soccer, as well as non-traditional activities, like badminton and table tennis.

Behind the sports, a backdrop of organizing – Neighborhood Sports Chicago

by Gordon Walek – 04.10.09

More positive news around the Spring into Sports Program and the partnerships that made it happen, as outlined on the Neighborhood Sports Chicago website.

Tiempo juntos con seguridad – Vivelo Hoy

by Jay Dunn – 01.29.10

Chicago’s largest Spanish newspaper, and the second largest nationally, covers our Bitty Ball program’s aims and positive outcomes.

Beyond the Ball, Chicago nonprofit, teaches kids a new way to interact – MSNBC/Contribute Magazine

by Rebecca Sherman – 11.17.08

MSNBC features Beyond the Ball in an article from Contribute Magazine, a publication which identifies organizations that are good investments for people looking to find a place for their charitable giving. Inspired by hearing the story of Beyond the Ball at a conference, Rebecca Sherman chose to highlight our organization in her magazine. This article outlines some of the origins of Beyond the Ball.

Bounce passes, jump shots build bridges – New Communities Program

by Maureen Kelleher – 2.26.08Beyond the Ball was highlighted by LISC Chicago’s New Communities Program, which is supported by a major grant from the John D. and Cate T. MacArthur Foundation. This article focuses on the open gym held at Westlawn Gospel Chapel in the North Lawndale neighborhood.